Monthly Archives: August 2014

Scene freezes after clicking on iAD or AdColony V4VC ad

So I’m working on a little iOS game project and I decided to implement ads to try to make a little side money (yay paying for university…) Well let me tell you, SpriteKit and Modal Views don’t get along. I just spent a good 3-4 hours tracking down a pain in the butt bug. So […]

Tutorial: Making a Label Button (thing) with SpriteKit

So, I recently found out that Spritekit is kind of lame and sucks while still being amazingly easy to use, but anyways, that’s beside the point. So I was having a hard time figuring out how to make a decent button in SpriteKit without using UIButton (since this seems to cause issues in SpriteKit). Anyways, […]

Review: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life On Earth

As a space geek, I was thrilled by this book. I probably watched Chris Hadfield’s videos (as well as most other videos) from the ISS a few dozen times each. I’m enthralled by the remote (very remote) possibility that I might go to space and experience that thrill. I imagined myself being in Chris’ shoes […]