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Understanding pipes in C

So, for my class in Parallel Programming, recently I had to use pipes to coordinate multiple forked processes in C. While perhaps it isn’t even practical to do this anymore with things like OpenMP and other multiprocess libraries, we had to do it nonetheless. So, what are pipes in C? According the linux docs, pipes […]

Scene freezes after clicking on iAD or AdColony V4VC ad

So I’m working on a little iOS game project and I decided to implement ads to try to make a little side money (yay paying for university…) Well let me tell you, SpriteKit and Modal Views don’t get along. I just spent a good 3-4 hours tracking down a pain in the butt bug. So […]

Tutorial: Making a Label Button (thing) with SpriteKit

So, I recently found out that Spritekit is kind of lame and sucks while still being amazingly easy to use, but anyways, that’s beside the point. So I was having a hard time figuring out how to make a decent button in SpriteKit without using UIButton (since this seems to cause issues in SpriteKit). Anyways, […]