So I’m a Sci-fi geek, throw me out an airlock, but I don’t see why all the critics hate Defiance. Okay, honestly, I was put off at first too: the idea of a tv show and video game that “affected the show’s progression” seemed like a sellout and something that would keep the writers of […]

Suits is a brilliantly crafted show that keeps you captivated with the cut-throat life of a corporate lawyer. So to answer the question posed in the title: hell yes, you should be excited! If you haven’t seen Suits yet, I highly recommend it. Though corny at times, its witty humor and slick-talking characters make create […]

Now You See Me ( is a flashy “dramedy” with many exaggerated elements in the same spirit as Zombieland. Though the story itself was interesting and had many twists and turns, the sheer unbelievably made me feel somewhat detached from the story. I suppose that the creators of the film were going for the whole concept of “we don’t […]

A few days ago I was gearing up and ready to see an awe inspiring rendition of a favorite childhood superhero. The trailer for Man of Steel was enough to inspire my inner child to show his face again and revel at the amazing CGI (would you believe it, even the cape is rendered!) mixed with a […]

As has recently entered the news, Google is releasing a new more powerful version of their Chromebook complete with touch screen and “the highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch) of any laptop screen on the market today” (as Google stated). However, one huge drawback is that it doesn’t actually really run much of an […]

This is an inaugural post as well as a useful little tutorial on how to setup G-Test for C++ with Xcode. There are some other tutorials out there, but I figured I’d go into specifics for the complete beginners out there. First you’re going to need to check out the code for google test. Either: […]